The 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act Gave Native Americans the Right to Run Casinos On Tribal Lands

The 1988 Indian Gaming Regulatory Act Gave Native Americans the Right to Run Casinos On Tribal Lands

Casinos on Indian Reservations

The first casino on an Indian Reservation was opened in 1980 in California. The Cabazon Band of Mission Indians opened the Desert Oasis Casino poker parlor. Within days, police raided the casino and shut it down. This led to a series of lawsuits and began the process to legalize gambling on Indian Reservations.

The passage of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act came in 1988. Until then, gambling was legal only in Nevada and New Jersey. But with this Act, Indian Reservations are allowed to own and operate their own casinos.

Who Regulates Casinos on Indian Reservations?

The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was initiated by Congress and is regulated by the federal government. For the most part, states do not have jurisdiction over the reservation casinos; however, there have been a few instances where the state has successfully blocked a reservation casino from opening. If the state does not allow gaming it can prevent a tribe from opening a casino. The tribe does have some leeway, however. There are different classes of casinos, and if there is any type of legalized gaming in the state, the tribe can use that to its advantage. For certain types of casinos, there is what is called a Tribal-State Compact, where the two entities work together, along with the Secretary of the Interior, to develop the casino agreement.

Reservation casinos must be operated solely on reservation land. It cannot simply be owned by the tribe and operated elsewhere. There is an exception in that a tribe can live in one state but operate a casino in another state, but again, the casino must be on land owned by the tribe and must follow the strict directives of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

Where Does the Money Go?

Reservation casinos do pay taxes, like any other business, so some of the money goes straight to the government. After that, the revenue from the casino funds tribal operations, promotes tribal economic development, provides for the general welfare of the tribe, goes toward charitable donations, and supports the surrounding community. This distribution is a requirement of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. If this distribution is met, the tribe can request permission to pass along revenue to individual tribal members from the Secretary of the Interior.

Online Video Poker, The Most Enjoyable Casino Game

Online Video Poker, The Most Enjoyable Casino Game

Millions of people, the world over, have begun to play Online Video Poker and with the technology that is available to us, by means of cheaper, faster computers and internet connections, it has never been easier to enjoy Online Video Poker, from the comfort of your very own homes. There is of course, more to Online Casinos than simply offering Video Poker, you can also Play Online Roulette, Online Blackjack, Online Craps and of course the many different types of Slot Machines, however none of these are enjoying various attentions of the many Online Video Poker games.

In the early 1990’s, many of the world gamblers began to tire of the same old, dull and uninteresting Slot Machines and when the many casinos began to realise the dip in players, they commissioned the building of a new game, it was in essence a Slot Machine, but it was combined with the five card draw version of poker, to create the Online Video Poker game. The Online Video Slot game works in pretty much the same way as the Slots do, the only difference being the interaction and with Video Poker, you get to actively participate in how the game is played and you can influence, to a certain extent, how the game will be played which makes the Online Video Poker games much more exciting to play.

So why is Online Video Poker becoming so popular?

Games like Online Video Poker are easier and most often are more exciting to play, than when you Play Online Roulette, for example. This is because when you Play Online Roulette, you will be required to think, plan, strategise and prepare, whereas Online Video Poker can be played by pretty much anyone and everyone, except of course the youngsters, and as such provides the gamers with instant, nonstop satisfaction and enjoyment and when you’re playing you will be able to enjoy every moment, from the beginning to the end and it is these characteristics, the simplicity and the excitement that is making Online Video Poker, the most played casino game on the internet.

It’s more exciting than always to play Merkur online

It’s more exciting than always to play Merkur online

It’s quite some time but now it is official, everybody can play Merkur games online at Sunmaker Casino. This exclusive arrangement allows millions of Merkur fans to play all their favorite games from home. No more walks to the next live casino or casino-club in the rain or boiling heat, and the drinks are definitely on the house! Currently the most popular Merkur games have been converted to an online version but according to our sources more and more games will be added, and to play Merkur online should become an even bigger pleasure every month. Once you start to play Merkur online you will quickly be mesmerized by the brilliant graphics and animations. 12 of the Merkur games were transformed into high-tech Full HD online games with all features you would expect from a visit at your nearest casino club.

Merkur Games for Beginners

No matter if you are experienced player or a newcomer wanting to play Merkur online for the first time, you will find no difference in the features of each single game, and none of the thrill, fun and gaming variety will be missing at any of your visits. Without any need of  having to download  a game all levels of players will find it easy to play Merkur online. For beginners there is first of all a possibility of playing with small amounts or even play money, and the more experienced player will find all features he would expect from  the classic vending machine, inclusive the famous risk ladder.

Safe Online Gaming with Merkur and Sunmaker

German quality and quality service are of course guaranteed from the moment you fill in your registration to play Merkur online.  Sunmaker Casino with its proven record of responsible gaming will offer all players a secure frame work. Nothing is being left to chance if you decide to play Merkur online. Everything at Sunmaker Casino is constantly supervised and all games, since there are endless numbers, are certified by an Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission certified testing house, and meet the strict requirements of the Online Gambling Regulations Act 2001. With the 24-hour live chat it is conveniently possible to contact the support team at all times, and to have all your questions answered  in no time. Alternatively one can leave a message which usually will be answered within in minutes. Sunmaker is  definitely going the extra mile to ensure that everyone can play Merkur online with many sunny smiles!

Free Keno Games Online to Play

Free Keno Games Online to Play

There are plenty of free keno games online that you can play right now without any risk. Because you are not charged for your cards you can make as many picks as you want and play as many rounds as you desire without having to worry about the expense. So you can focus on winning for the sake of having fun rather than worrying about whether or not you will get back all the money you put into your game before the rounds you agreed to are over. If you want to play more, then you can simply sign up for more cards or opt to continue the bets you have been playing with. If you aren’t satisfied with your strategy, then switch up your routine to see if some new numbers or lower bets get you back on track. There is no risk and no worry about the responsibility when there is no money involved in playing the game. If you are having fun you should keep playing. It’s as simple as that.

Many people play free keno when they are new to the game so they have a chance to become familiar with the rules before any money is involved. You can play as often as you want without worrying that you will blow a lot of money on unsuccessful attempts. Or perhaps you are someone who likes to play keno all the time and you don’t want to pay constantly to get the amount of cards you would need. Either way, a free game is the perfect way to get your fix without having to worry about costs or how long you can play.

Free Keno Games Online are Easy

Playing online is exactly the same as anywhere else. The only difference is that you will pick your numbers electronically rather than having to fill out a card by hand. In most venues, the drawing of the numbers is already automated, so there will be absolutely no difference in the number selection when you play free keno games online. The random selection will give you the perfect opportunity to see what kind of strategies work well and what is a more risky pick without the concern that you are losing out when you have around that does not go your way.

Casinos Make Money From Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, and Entertainment

Casinos Make Money From Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping, and Entertainment

Other Income at Casinos

It is easy to believe that casinos earn all of their money from gambling. Of course, a hefty part of the profit comes from the gaming. The house sets up an edge so it makes some profit on every game, whether the player wins or loses. However, few casinos stand alone. Many of them are casino-hotel-resorts, with the casino only a small entity within an entire conglomeration.


Perhaps the “high rollers” get to stay free, but most people who go on a casino-related vacation are going to pay for a hotel room. Some casino-hotels will provide cheap room rates as an incentive to stay and play, but it is just as likely that the room will cost a couple hundred or more per night. Higher cost hotel rooms usually come at independently owned casinos because it is a higher source of revenue.

Food and Beverages

Casino patrons need to eat and drink, and that’s good for the casino. Food and beverage revenue is second to gambling revenue at most casinos. Restaurants bring in a fair share of income for the business side of casinos, but what really generates income is the buffet. Because of their relatively low cost (even the high end buffets are inexpensive when compared to a traditional restaurant meal), they attract a lot of guests who wouldn’t normally come into the casino.

Shopping Malls

Even smaller casinos are seeing the benefit of renting out space for shopping. Larger casinos are developing entire shopping malls based on the casino’s theme. Most of the stores feature expensive, high-end products. Like the buffets, the shopping malls have provided more foot traffic into the casino. If the current shops are successful, casinos will be able to attract more businesses and, in turn, their profit goes up.


Casino entertainment is not free. Going to a show in a casino will cost at least as much as a show in any other venue, usually more. Big name stars are often able to command a higher ticket fee at a casino than at an arena, and so promoters like to schedule their performers at casinos. Casinos see revenue from any show performed in one of their theaters.